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Neat stuff, like the visuals!


Thanks to all of you who helped me to find all these bugs.

I really appreciate it!!

Bug Fixes:
-The doors you open will remain open.
-You will not lose the gems you get.
-The player will no longer be stuck if he falls into the water.
-The elevator to the boss now works fine.
-The secret boss is fixed, you can now access the second end.
-Secret items are saved correctly.
-Many other minor bugs.

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Hey man, I've been really enjoying your game for the most part! As a big Castlevania fan myself I think you have the graphics and the controls near perfect. My one big criticism would be that I think there should be more checkpoints, just keeping the doors open after they've been opened once would cut down on the tedium immensely. I've almost 100%ed your game and I hate to ask this of you but, could I get a hint as to where the 4th secret item is?

To get te 4th item you need to hit a wall,the oposite wall where the 3th item is, you will see that the wall is a little broken.

Yes,there is a problem with the doors,In a future version i will fix it(if you see any other bug no doubt to say me).Thanks for play!

I do actually have a modest list of bugs:
  • If you kill the mosquito nests in the elevator too quickly the elevator never stops and you are trapped inside it until you quit.
  • After you close the game and reopen it your save has none of the secret items that were collected.
  • After you beat the boss in the sewers nothing happens. He dies and you are trapped on the boat until you quit. (is this a bug or is that part of the game just incomplete?)
One more question: Is the second ending in the game?

The second ending is after kill the sewer boss,i promise to fix the problems you say soon!.

Looks interesting! Have you got some future plans to make a complete version?

Yes of course,im working in a new and better verion of this demo,and later a full version of the game.

You can chek my twitter for updates.Thanks for play!